Wedding Questionaire

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Wedding Questionaire

Now that I am getting married, what needs to be done?

Thinking about getting married after the engagement is stressful. Although a great time to be blissful and “enjoy the moment”, there are so many details to think of. This questionnaire helps me know what type of person you are (or aren’t)!

Please email me this 24 hours before our meeting. Our meeting is 30 minutes and doesn’t cost you anything but your time. I am also giving up my time so getting some of the items done early will help save both of our time later.

  • Knowing what you have “committed” to allows me to think of an entire scope of details versus just doing the catering. If you have, who and their names?
  • Really this is the golden rule. I am not here to get every penny from you but you must be realistic about your dreams so that we can make them a reality. This should be for everything that you have to buy (dress, invites, tux, gifts, dinner, etc.). Then, what is your budget for what you would like us to do? We can take care of everything (minister, flowers, cake, food, staffing, rentals, and so much more!)