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Dear Pharma Rep

The pharmaceutical world has changed drastically over the years and we are up to date with the restrictions and restraints. Any Dona Delivers team member is able to work with you to maintain your budget and still deliver a wide variety of menu options that are fresh and flavorful.

Breakfast can be as fancy as fluffy blueberry pancakes and scrambled eggs or frittata and rosemary potatoes, or as simple as breakfast breads/sweets and fresh fruit. We are known for our fresh hot coffee delivered in our air pots so that you know it’s hot for the duration of your event.

All of our new Lower Priced Menus are offered for $9.95 per person without beverages, but for you, our loyal pharmaceutical rep, beverages are included for free!

  • Taco bar, fiesta rice, refried beans, chips, Fresh Salsa, Desserts, Drinks
  • Italian Bar (penne w/marinara, penne w/olive oil, Meat Sauce (always on side) Garlic Bread, Desserts, Drinks
  • Sandwiches and Salad OR Wraps and Salads, Chips, Desserts, Drinks
  • Lasagna (Meat) , Penne w/olive oil and herbs, Garlic Bread, Salad, Desserts, Drinks
  • Pulled Chicken, light BBQ, sauce, buns, potato salad, Kettle Chips, Desserts, Drinks
  • Sweet and Sour chicken, steamed rice, egg or spring rolls, Asian chopped salad, fortune cookie and green tea
  • Sweet and sour meatballs, steamed rice, garden salad, fortune cookie, and drinks
  • Pizza!

Pharma reps special pricing plus FREE DRINKS included in pricing!

Part of our unique Dona Delivers catering services we include calling to confirm your breakfast / lunch, the amount of people, if there are any allergies or food restrictions and also the time they eat. Taking care of this time consuming task allows you more time to concentrate on your job.

It’s time to make a change, call Dona, she works with every budget, personally. It’s been her motto for 9 years “I take your catering personally” . She really does!



Testimonials from other fellow pharmaceutical representatives – for more testimonials see our fan page.
  • I have used Dona through her catering career and until she opened Dona Delivers Catering. It has always been another company but when she opened DDC it was then that the mistakes stopped, the little issues were resolved.  Dona has always had MY business her top priority.
  • Dona Delivers Catering is the most detailed company out there!
  •  On time, always fresh food and the best of all is the variety of choices, but still consistently good food